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Healthy Food Options

Healthy Food OptionsBy Dr. Aixa Goodrich

Metagenics protein shake with berries
Fruit parfait with organic or soy* yogurt
Veggie omelette with organic egg whites or tofu*, side of fruit
Whole grain toast with almond or peanut butter (organic)
Green smoothie (spinach, cucumber, carrot or apple or beet and lemon)

Colorful salad with garbanzo beans or tofu* or wild i¬sh
Lentil soup or any bean soup that is on the alkaline list of foods (made without meat)
Quinoa salad with veggies
Veggie sandwich or wrap (whole grain or sprouted)
Eggplant, portabello, red pepper and broccoli melt

Almonds or any other nut on the alkaline side (handful)
Celery sticks or veggies with hummus
Kind snack bar (whole foods)
Metagenics shake or smoothie

Wild shrimp or wild i¬sh whole grain lemon pasta dish
Hearty eggplant soup
Veggie lasagna
Stuffed portabello mushrooms
7 bean soup or Chili

The idea is to eat more whole grains and plant based foods. That doesn't mean that you can never eat meat again it simply means that you should limit the amount of animal protein and processed foods that you ingest.

If you choose to eat chicken or beef, make sure that it is organic, cage free, grass fed, no hormones, no antibiotics. In addition to all the hormones and antibiotics, animal products are higher in fat and cholesterol. It also contains casein which is a known carcinogen.

If you can switch from cow's milk to almond, rice or coconut milk; they are healthier options.

When was the last time you saw a cow giving it's newborn goat milk or or any other type of milk and vice versa?

*Denotes that soy products including tofu is a good source of protein but should be not be consumed in large amounts due to the estrogenic effects.

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