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Patient Testimonials

First time in 25 years!

❝I was having hip pains from playing softball and thought it was old age, but pain persisted for two weeks. I sought treatment from Dr. Goodrich through my provider list. I researched and googled different doctors and was impressed with her whole body / holistic approach. I noticed improvement with my hip. Although the hip pain was my original health issue, I came to chiropractic care for all over body wellness. I told Dr. Goodrich that I had had the worst menstrual cramps in my 25 years; I had experience cramps since I was 15 years old. I received 2 adjustments before my menstrual cycle. I have to report that my cramping was VERY MILD, almost nonexistent. First time in 25 years!

P. Nix

My back feels amazing. No pills, just chiropractic!

❝I was a little scared since I had never been to a chiropractor. Being hit by a car hurts and I only imagined the therapy to be worse. But I love it! I originally came with pain in my entire left leg, neck and back. I had swelling, soreness, and could barely walk. I left the ER with oxycodone and ibuprofen prescriptions. That's all. I didn't like either prescription. The ibuprofen helped my swelling but both meds hurt my stomach immensely. I have noticed improvement times a billon! My swelling has gone down and my body doesn't feel so stiff anymore. I have most certainly noticed other positive changes. My back feels amazing, I feel less stress, I feel healthier and happier. No pills, just chiropractic!

M. Franco

Nothing worked as well as the chiropractic!

❝I was not scared but unsure that chiropractic care could help. I believed that any help would be positive because of the pain I was in. I originally came into Dr. Aixa Goodrich's office with upper and lower back pain, pelvic pain and a stiff neck. Before I came into the office I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers. However, nothing worked as well as the chiropractic treatments. I have noticed other positive changes in my overall health and function. I am more flexible and am easier to get along with because I am no longer in pain.

R. Bell

I can enjoy life to its fullest!

❝It's been great! My lower back pain disappeared and I can enjoy life to its fullest. Dr. Goodrich is a true professional, and passionate doctor. I recommend her to anyone who needs help with pain management.

J. Martinez

Since starting I have changed my habits!

❝Chiropractic care has relieved a majority if not all of my headaches and neck pain. I have become more flexible and aware of my body since starting chiropractic care. Since starting I have changed my habits and started exercising more as it has opened my eyes to how important my body's fitness is in maintaining a healthy nervous system. I also changed my diet and became more aware of nutrition as a component to my chiropractic care. Chiropractic care has improved my life dramatically.

M. McDougald

Chiropractic has given me a sense of balance!

❝Chiropractic has given me a sense of balance and well-being both physically and emotionally. Being flexible and free of pain allows me to maintain an active senior lifestyle doing all the activities I most enjoy . . . gardening, caring for our grandchildren, long walks with our days and traveling; all of which have become more special after surviving breast cancer. Dr. Goodrich and her staff have not only given my husband and me their expertise and compassionate care, they have given us good health.

M. Walker

I have noticed tremendous improvement!

❝I originally came to see Dr. Aixa with neck pain, headaches and TMJ. Before I came into her office I had tried over the counter medications, stretching and massages. I have noticed tremendous improvement, no longer experiencing headaches on a daily basis or pain in my jaw. Other positive changes I have noticed, is my sleep has improved as well as the quality of my daily life.

L. Rios

Chiropractic care has proven to be very effective!

❝I was unsure at first because I've never had any prior chiropractic care but it has proven to be very effective. I originally came to see Dr. Aixa with neck and lower back pain due to an auto accident. I have noticed a significant improvement with my original complaint as well as my everyday functions. I have also noticed a relief in tension in my back and overall flexibility.

A. Rodriguez

I just feel better, I have more energy now!

❝I wasn't sure that chiropractic care could help because of the way I felt health wise. I thought my condition would be permanent. I had neck pain and headaches every day. It was rare to have a headache free day. I also had limited mobility in my neck. I had tried everything for headaches; I had to switch every now and then when one OTC Med would stop working. I have noticed a huge difference with the headaches, I still get them on occasion but not everyday or with the same severity. I just feel better, whereas before I never really felt good. I have more energy now.

D. Castrillon

I feel better, I am happier!

❝I had previously been a patient of Dr. Aixa at another practice. She is so knowledgeable; she explains everything so there is no reason to be scared. I originally came to Dr. Aixa with back pain and sciatica which I have had every day of my life since childhood. I have tried medications before coming into the office and they had no effect. They just numb the pain and they do not FIX the problem like chiropractic care. I absolutely noticed improvement, I don't remember the last time I woke up and could not get out of bed because of pain. I no longer miss work due to my symptoms. I feel better, I am happier. I now care about taking care of myself and being healthy. Dr. Aixa has helped me to make changes for the better in my life. I know that I have found my chiropractor for life, someone who truly cares about my health and well-being. Together we will work to make a better healthier me.

R. Steinberg

It's time to give thanks

❝Yes it is time to thank you, Dr. Goodrich, for the enormous contribution you have made to improve my health.

Thanks to you I am now able to lift weights, do cardio, and perform other exercises I would not dream I could do before I met you.

I wanted to extend my appreciation for your healing art. You are so lucky to do what you love and to make such a difference in the lives of your patients.❞

Ofelia U.

How has chiropractic changed my life? In so many ways!

❝How has chiropractic changed my life? In so many ways! When I first walked into Dr. Aixa's office over two years ago it was because of a worsening pain in my mid and low back. In all truth, I had suffered with back pain for years and always just put it down to ‘just one of those things you have to live with'. Right away I felt welcome, comfortable and Dr. Aixa explained chiropractic care to me in a friendly yet complete way. In fact, every one of the staff members at this office is approachable, friendly and I feel lucky to be able to see them every week, they are genuinely nice people.
I quickly learned that I DON'T have to live with back pain. Not only do I not have to live with back pain, but with regular adjustments, I feel better in every way. In short, chiropractic for me began as addressing an issue, but it has become part of my routine of caring for myself. The best way I know how to describe it is feeling like I can breathe fully, move more easily and think more clearly after I have been adjusted.
That said, my experiences at Dr. Aixa's office have been not only a process of rehabilitation and care, but a journey of education about my whole lifestyle. I have learned so much from Dr. Aixa, about nutrition, healthcare choices and lifestyle choices that will stay with me forever. Dr. Aixa is my very first go to for any and all concerns regarding my health and wellbeing. I feel like I can go to her with anything and she will always find time to explore and discuss the care options that are right for me, and my family.
Thank you to everyone at the office, I really can't express how much my lifestyle has changed since having you ‘on my team'.

J. Sampaio